Hidden Manchester Map

Tunnels, rivers, mines & subterranean spaces of Hidden Manchester

About The Map

My fascination about Manchester’s underground features led me to compile this interactive map of features I read about and found mentioned around the internet. This was mostly for my own personal curiosity, and to allow me to get a feel for the layout of things I was reading about. As I added more and more I found it fascinating how rich the history of the city is and was well and truly hooked.

Using the map

Each feature is shown on the map under a different shortcut. As you click on the features the URL will change, and you can share or bookmark this address to jump back to the feature. From a mobile device you can click the locate icon Mapbox locate icon to mark your position on the map. You can choose whether to view the map, aerial photography or a hybrid of the two by clicking the base map selection icon Mapbox layer icon.

To hide or show whole layers of features you can click the menu button menu icon then the layers shown to toggle their visibility.

If a feature has an extended description then you will be able to click ‘Read more…’ to go to the feature’s own page (for example Guardian Underground Telephone Exchange where the feature is shown on its own in a map in at the top of the page. Alternatively you can click the name of the collection to view all the related features (for example Guardian Bunker.

To quickly browse all the features choose All Features from the navigation above. You can jump to showing the feature on the map with other features by clicking the pin icon 📍 next to the feature’s name wherever it appears.