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> Rat Run Granada Studios Tunnels 📍

Known as the ‘rat run’ tunnels, this labyrinth of underground passageways and rooms is formed from a Grade II-listed colonnaded railway viaduct (circa 1870) with some parts stretching into the cellars of the Bonded Warehouse (circa 1867). The viaduct itself is supported by a series of cast-iron columns on stone bases.

The colonnaded viaduct itself is a listed structure (along with much of the area due to it’s significant role in the heritage of passenger railways) and as such Historic England have a page about it. Fascinating to think that there is a tunnel directly underneath Coronation Street! You can see a whole collection of photos and a video of the arches and tunnels, along with the leftovers from years of filming on the excellent Granada Gallery site.

There are some more photos of the abandoned Granada Studios in this Manchester Evening News article about the now inactive Granadaland Gallery project.

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