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> Stockport Air Raid Shelters 📍

Stockport is home to nearly a mile of tunnels which were dug out from the sandstone in 1938 to provide shelter for 6,500 people during bombing raids during the Second World War. One set of shelters (nicknamed the ‘Chestergate Hotel’ due to the comparitively luxurious conditions) are open as a museum decribing life in 1940s wartime Britain. Brinksway and Dodge Hill remain closed and abandoned, except for the occasional visit from Urban Explorers.


To get inside the Chestergate shelters you should head over to Stockport Air Raid Shelters museum page.


For photos inside Brinksway and Dodge Hill check out this 2009 28DaysLater report.

Dodge Hill

Dodge Hill was resealed again in 2012 after first being searched to check it was empty—you can read about this and see pictures from inside in The Skyliner’s ‘Dodge Hill’ article. The Tunnel Inspector has three albums of images from 2010, 2013 and 2014.

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