Hidden Manchester Map

Tunnels, rivers, mines & subterranean spaces of Hidden Manchester


BRSA Club 📍

This British Railways Staff Association pub closed in 1992, and sat just outside the entrance. It consists of space underground, which is a favorite haunt of Victoria Station urban explorers.
Report - B.R.S.A Club, Manchester - 2012. The building above the exterior entrance was used by a hair dressing business for some time.

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Cheshire Lines Railway Cutting 📍

This cutting was just east of Tiviot Dale station and its tunnel. You can see a photo of Cheshire Lines Railway cutting (March 1985) from Panoramio.

Picc-Vic: Arndale Void 📍

This is the spot of an apparent void in the depths of the Arndale, purportedly reserved for the entrance to or the main area of the Royal Exchange Picc-Vic station.

Next time you pass Topshop, pause to contemplate the fact that 30ft below it is an enormous hole which was almost certainly dug to be part of a swanky Manchester tube system.

There are some more pictures and Arndale plans showing a void in this article titled Manchester unearths forgotten 1970s tube line.

Picc-Vic: Proposed Route 📍

Picc-Vic was a proposed underground rail link between Piccadilly Station and Victoria Station. It reached the proposal stages and a route was surveyed, but the scheme was cut in 1977 to save money.

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Picc-Vic: Royal Exchange Station entrance? 📍

Possible entrance to an underground space, intended to be used as part of the Picc-Vic rail link.

About 1972 a friend on mine Brian Conner worked on the Arndale site in Manchester as a foreman, He came to me one day with his friend Steve Price when I was in the YMCA and told me to go with him to see something,
The entrance was (and still is there) a plain door not far from the corner of Market Street and Cross Street, where Boots the Chemist is now As we went through the entrance there were wooden stairs leading down, 2 flights of stairs down he shown me a big metal door, The door must have been about 5 to 6 inches thick and inside there was what looked like a storage area, Id say about 40 feet by 30 feet, He speculated on it being a storage area during the cold war days…

Railway Mens Club 📍

Just off store street, with the entrance still visible in the wall (see a Manchester Libraries image), this space underneath the station was a club with live music up until the mid 1990s.

You can see more modern photographs in this article in Railway Mens Club, Store Street on the Pubs of Manchester blog.

Salford Underground Railway 📍

See this RailUKForums discussion.

Collyhurst Tram Tunnel 📍

The Collyhurst Tram Tunnel is an old train tunnel which was repurposed when trams used the same route.

Rochdale Road Tram Tunnel 📍

Rochdale Road Tram Tunnel

Former platforms and stables under Manchester Piccadilly 📍

An old forum post mentions there may still be the remains of older platforms and stables associated with the earlier days of the station.

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Throstles Nest No.3 and No.3A Railway Tunnels 📍

These tunnels used to take the Cheshire Lines Committee railway line under Chester Road and Talbot Road near to Throstles Nest Bridge. You can see the southern portal of Tunnel No.3A now if you sit on the left hand side of the tram (facing forwards) between Firswood and Trafford Bar, just as the tram heads under the Altrincham line and turns to join it (see the photo below).

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Brinnington Tunnel 📍

A railway line once led to Stockport from Reddish Junction at the Brinnington (east) side of the viaduct. This line has been turned into a public bridleway joining the two parts of the country park and forms a section of the Trans Pennine Trail.

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Tiviot Dale Tunnel 📍

Just the west of Tiviot Dale Station trains entered a short tunnel. Slightly further west they would enter another cutting.

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Woodhead Tunnels 📍

This is the route of three previous railway tunnels linking Woodhead and Dunford Bridge. A number of shafts were sunk along the route—some of which are still intact. You can read loads more about the tunnels and their construction on Forgotten Relics.
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Heaton Park Tram Tunnel 📍

Not to be confused with the restored Heaton Park Tramway, through this tunnel the Metrolink tram line travels under the corner of Heaton Park. See this photo on geogragh.