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> Former platforms and stables under Manchester Piccadilly 📍

An old forum post mentions there may still be the remains of older platforms and stables associated with the earlier days of the station.

I note the mention of tunnels at Victoria Station and wondered whether those that used to be at Piccadilly Station would be of any interest.

I used to work at Piccadilly Station and was able to explore what I think was the former goods station that run underneath the existing platforms of the station.

Anyone who knew the area prior to the new tramway station being built will remember the underneath of the station containing a large car park. At the end of the car park heading towards Ancoats was a sealed off area which led to a number of former platforms and stables enclosed by the station above.

The layout of track and other facilities suggests that the "station" was used in the days when horses would have been the prime method of moving small wagons. Some of the rails, lifting equipment and small turntables where still evident in the open car parking area.

I do not know the extent of the new tramway station but unless it matches the surface area of the train station these underground facilities are likely to still be there.

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