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> Deansgate Tunnel 📍

Described as the Roman tunnel, this rumoured passageway is said to be large enough for a small bus to pass through, and 70 feet below ground. Sources about the tunnel are almost entirely anecdotal memories, and the route is very vaguely described. Specific locations said to be along the route include Manchester Cathedral, Wagstaff’s Piano Shop and the Old Deanery.

There are some photos in Ojay’s blog article about an urban exploration visit, where access to a tunnel assumed / calculated to be the Deansgate Tunnel is documented.

A Manchester City News article from 1911 describes the discovery of the tunnel:

Manchester mystery
A Subterranean Passage
A wide field for speculation or research on the part of local antiquaries has been opened by a discovery which was made in Cumberland street, Deansgate, a few days ago. While workmen were engaged in demolishing some dwelling-houses there they came across an under-ground passage. It has an arched roof, built of brick, and is wide and high enough to allow a horse and cart to travel along it. Penetrating the passage, the men found that it extended for about seventy yards before being closed by a brick wall. There is evidence, however, to show that this wall does not mark the end of this underground way.

To read more see Underground Manchester (Warrender, 2007:96).


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