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> Walkers Croft tunnel 📍

Walkers Croft tunnel leads beyond metal gates along the route of the original road by the side of the River Irk. Walkers Croft itself was a cemetery and chapel linked with the Manchester Union Workhouse. The route is connected to Long Millgate by the wooden cattle bridge.

Entrance to the Underworld

The burial ground was used from 1815–1832 and belonged to the Collegiate Church (now Manchester Cathedral). It is believed there were up to 40,000 burials, many of which were cholera victims. Victoria Station was built over the site, with much of the area buried as the level was raised. The cemetery lies beneath the Metrolink tram platforms with the work house on the northern side of the station, overlapping the arena. At times station redevelopment work has turned up human remains which have been re-interred at Southern Cemetery.

You can see the area as it was in 1848 on Sheet 23 of this 1850 Ordnance Survey map. You can see photos from inside in this Victoria Under Ground/Walkers Croft Feb 2010 report on 28DaysLater.

Sheet 23 of 1850 Ordnance Survey map

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