Hidden Manchester Map

Tunnels, rivers, mines & subterranean spaces of Hidden Manchester

Victoria and Cathedral

Hanging Bridge 📍

This bridge spans Hanging Ditch. You can read a BBC article titled Bridge to Manchester's past revealed.

Victoria Arches / Cathedral Steps 📍

Victoria Arches (also known as Cathedral Steps) is an area with many layers of history. The story goes back to the ancient days of Manchester where the city was little more than a settlement surrounded with water based defences—the Irwell, the Irk and Hanging Ditch. The road’s original level sloped towards a bridge at Hunts Bank over the River Irk and was later levelled out by the creation of a new embankment with a row of arched supports raising the road to a new level between 1833 and 1838.

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Walkers Croft Cemetery 📍

This area was a burial ground and church known as Walker’s Croft. At times excavations for the station have unearthed human remains.

Wooden Bridge over River Irk 📍

This bridge joins Walkers Croft to Todd Street / Long Millgate, and may well date back beyond 1650, as a bridge at this position is shown on Berry’s 1650 map. Now hidden beneath Victoria Station in the Irk Culvert, this bridge is preserved and used as a utility tunnel.

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Work House 📍

This was the site of a work house which was connected to the nearby graveyard.